Volunteers needed for listening tests

Over the next few weeks (from 24 Oct – 8th Nov) I’ll be running the listening tests, which form a major part of my PhD research. (into the Virtual Singing Studio)

The purpose of the listening tests is to evaluate a number of singing performances which have been recorded by the same solo singer on different occasions.  Participants are asked to listen to a number of short recordings of sung phrases and to evaluate how similar/dissimilar they are.

Anyone can take part, but I am especially keen for those with experience of critical listening e.g. work in audio/acoustics or singing/singing teaching.

I can’t offer payment – but there will be a strong possibility of a cake-based thank you.

You can take the test either in Genesis 6 (Audiolab) or I can arrange to come to TFTV or the Music Department.

Please do get in touch if you would like to volunteer.

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