Dafx Keynote: Gender balance in audio: how to fix it?

I was thrilled to give a keynote presentation at DAFx2017

Here’s the abstract:

Gender equality in STEM has recently been pulled into the public spotlight via popular culture and headline-grabbing events at tech-based companies. Within the audio engineering community we are now starting to build a fuller picture of the extent of gender imbalance in our own discipline, by gathering, analysing and publishing data on gender representation in the subject. There are many complex reasons behind the continued under-representation of women in STEM subjects; many of these are hotly debated on social-media. But, if it’s a problem for audio, how do we fix it? In this talk I would like draw on some of our experiences at the University of York from our long engagement with the Athena SWAN charter, which recognises the advancement of gender equality in academic institutions. I will also suggest some actions we can all take to help build an inclusive audio community where all can thrive.

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