Singing in Space(s): virtual acoustics in musical perception, performance and composition

Talk at Huddersfield University – Thursday 16th December 2018. 

Music always happens in acoustic space — for centuries composers and musicians have exploited the relationship between music and acoustics to great effect. Acoustic science has moved on huge strides from the days of using canon shots in order to capture the acoustic characteristics of a concert hall for further analysis.  Audio digital technology allows us to capture data on room acoustics in great detail and use this to ‘auralise’ virtual sound environments – essentially placing a performer virtually in any acoustic space we choose. Such digital tools have the potential to transform the way we compose, perform and listen to music. This presentation outlines recent research at the University of York’s AudioLab on human reaction and interaction with sound, and considers the opportunities for virtual and augmented reality in future music making.

Image to illustrate composer using virtual space

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