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I recently presented some of my work on embedding Real-World Assessments in our MSc Audio and Music Technology programme at the Uni of York’s E-learning Development Team Show and Tell (November 22nd)

I looked at using technology, in particular websites and social mediea to support the development of digital and employability skills.

Lillian Soon wrote up a summary of the event  – and there’ll be a case study coming up in 2018 with more detail.

In the meantime feel free to get in touch if you’d like to discuss using blogs/websites/LinkedIn profiles to engage students in employability skills development.

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Architexture II video released

Our video of the fantastic Architexture II for choir and augmented acoustic – performed in the Museum Gardens, York in September 2015 is now on-line. Massive thanks to Ambrose Field who composed the music specially for the reconstructed acoustic of St. Mary’s Abbey and all of those who were involved in turning such a crazy idea into fabulous reality.

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Everything we know about audio perception is wrong (or at least it might be…)


My paper “Everything we know about audio perception is wrong (or at least it might be…)” has been accepted for presentation at AISS (Activating Inclusive Sound Spaces) Conference at the University of Huddersfield in July.

In this paper I take a look at the gender balance of participants in research studies on auditory perception.  Not surprisingly the majority of participants in such studies (where stated) are male  – and as such I will question what, we think, we know about auditory perception…

Are there differences in auditory perception between genders? very little research has addressed this question, although there have been some interesting studies recently.

I’m really looking forward to discussing  this and thinking about some of the other key themes of the conference which centre on the assumptions that are made about the communities which shape digital music and sound production.

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Great to see Ambrose talking about the art/science behind Architexture II

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Making learning authentic – blog post

In it she suggests that using ‘authentic’ or ‘real world’ assessment activities sits four square within Zepke’s and Leach’s 10 action points for improving sudent engagment and learning: Capture

Table from : Improving student engagement: Ten proposals for action in Active Learning in Higher Education 11(3):167-177, Oct 2010 

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