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Blow and Monteverdi

Really enjoyed playing baroque viola in yesterday’s Leeds Baroque Orchestra concert

Claudio Monteverdi: ‘Il ballo dell Ingrate’ (1608) and John Blow:’Venus and Adonis’ (c.1683).

The first baroque orchestra concert I’ve been in which involved Cupid and Cherubs posing live for a selfie during the performance 🙂


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York Theatre Royal – sounding good

Hanging out at York Theatre Royal (in the cafe) this afternoon, I managed a sneak preview of the newly refurbished main auditorium.  It looks fantastic (my photography doesn’t do it justice) and is sounding good.  The sound proofing between auditorium and cafe (neslted underneath where the stalls used to be) is reportedly great too! And the coffee is great…

I’m hoping we can get back in sometime with the team from the AudioLab to make some more Room Impulse Response measurements to compare with the auditorium before the renovations.


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Yornight 2015

A spectacular, specially-commissioned music and light finale to Yornight on 25 September brought the ruins of St Mary’s Abbey in York back to life.

Hearing the Past: St Mary’s Abbey Reconstructed recreated the acoustics and sounds of the building, dating from 1088, in a unique cross-disciplinary project from the University of York. The event waspart-supported by the HEFCE Higher Education Innovation Fund.

Professor Ambrose Field, composer and Head of the University of York’s Department of Music, wrote Archite​x​ture Two, performed by members of the Ebor Singers.

The piece was specially written to take account of the reverberation St Mary’s would have if still standing today.  It was great to simulate the Abbey’s acoustics, which were originally modelled by Stephen Oxnard and Dr Damian Murphy.

The event ran as the finale of the fabulous YorNnight 2015 European Researchers’ Night in York.

watch the YorNight2015 video


Pre-event talk on music, virtual acoustics and singing in reconstructed spaces.


Singers in St. Mary’s Abbey reconstructed – Architexture 2 by Ambrose Field (Image: Ian Martindale)


Singers in St. Mary’s Abbey reconstructed – Architexture 2 by Ambrose Field – (Image : Ian Martindale)



High tech meets ruined abbey – Architexture 2 by Ambrose Field, live graphics by Lewis Thresh (Image: Ian Martindale)



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